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Mixed Media Collage and Design

Welcome to Angeline Otis Designs, where creativity meets craftsmanship in every piece. Explore our curated collection of unique collages and art pieces adorning jewelry, cards, pillows, and more. Designed and crafted by Angeline Otis, each item embodies her passion for beauty and individuality. Shop now and elevate your surroundings with the charm of Angeline Otis Designs.


Art Gifts under $20


Angeline Otis, a vibrant mixed media artist, originally from the serene landscapes of Tuolumne County, California, now calls the dynamic San Francisco Bay Area her home.

Her artistic journey is a testament to the beauty of handmade craftsmanship. Through a delightful blend of collage and block printing, Angeline breathes life into her creations, infusing them with the charm of vintage papers, recycled treasures, and meticulously hand-carved block printing stamps.

Inspired by a diverse tapestry of influences, including art nouveau, folk art, pop art, and the spirited energy of stencil graffiti and concert posters, Angeline's work radiates with a unique blend of feminine mystique, mythical elements, and the timeless allure of nature. Her pieces, often tinged with hints of folklore, music, and whimsy, possess an endearing charm and kitsch that captivates the imagination.

Beyond her captivating collages and block prints, Angeline's creative spirit extends to laser-cut wood jewelry , where digital designs intertwine with the warmth of natural material. Also delving into the tactile realms of sewing, embroidering and knitting, she weaves threads of creativity into every stitch.

Since 2005, Angeline has shared her artistry at small galleries, community events, and fundraisers, spreading joy with her enchanting creations. In 2022, she co-founded The Back 40 Art Collective, a nurturing community fostering artistic growth and collaboration among Northern California artists. Her artistic journey reached new heights in 2023 when her piece "The Horae" was accepted to be part of The de Young Open 2023, an esteemed community art exhibition held at the renowned de Young Museum in San Francisco.

Angeline Otis' artistry is a celebration of imagination, craftsmanship, and the enduring beauty found in the simplicity of handmade creations.

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